Laptop rentals can be a convenient and affordable option, but is it worth ?
These are often the scenarios when laptop rental is useful
1.When your laptop crashed! OMG!
Laptop rental would be the biggest life saver if your laptop has just crashed – You have urgent work to complete or an important zoom meeting attend, or your school project is just around
2.When you do not want to fork our a large sum for a short term usage
Paying a large sum for a temporary usage is not often what many finance savvy people want to do, Laptops can be rented for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one.
This is especially true if the laptop needed is an ultra high specs laptop
3.When you are not very good with software or computer
The Laptops are preinstalled with basic apps such as google Chrome and updated with windows patches to make sure the laptop is good to go. Any hardware issues would be also addressed by the vendor. The hassle of ensuring windows update and driver updates is also handled by the Laptop Rental vendor as well.
When you value security – Temporary staff or interns which will leave after a short period should not be give access to sensitive company laptop, renting laptops will help to keep the security of the organisation in a ring fence.
When you are always using a company laptop and currently in between jobs while waiting for a new job.
When is it better to buy a Laptop?
When you have a comfortable cash buffer to pay a lump sum for the purchase it may be better to buy a laptop. Frequency of usage of the laptop is also a consideration as some may use Ipad or mobile phone to do most browsing, if you need to use it for your daily tasks it maybe better to buy as well.