Part Time Job

Part Time Job
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We are a fast growing meeting room management company looking for Part time administrative assistants


Job task Description:

Accounts and Scheduling

      Send invoices to customers

      Update google calendar

      Check payment and send receipt to customer

      Requires a very meticulous character to make sure information is 100% accurate before sending. Having handle accounting related work would be a bonus

      Tallying bank records with the invoicing system

Preparing and checking of IT equipment

  • Test and check IT equipment such as iPad and Laptop

  Replying to inquiries

      Would be required to reply to customer questions via Phone, email and online messaging

      Good memory or diligence in remembering different room rates is required.

      Able to respond fast to customer inquiry

      Communicate in clear English

      Check availability of schedule of meeting rooms via calender

      Make recommendation to customer based on requirements

      Scheduling viewing with potential customers

Communicating with customer (mostly through messaging but may need to call occasionally well)

      Contact new customers to educate them how to use the meeting room

      Thank them after usage and collect feedback

      Respond to request by customer


  • Attention to details with computer skills
  • Ability to work independently, be proactive and use own initiative.

Part Time Assistant

Part Time

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Contact Info

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway New York WC1 1BA

Phone: 1.800.458.556 / 1.800.532.2112

Fax: 458 761-9562

Web: ThemeFusion

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