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Laptop Rental

Tech for Rent offers wide a range of laptop rentals to suit your needs. Whether you are after a Macbook or one of the latest laptops powered with windows or linux you are just one click away.


iPad Rental

Rent iPadiPad Air, iPad mini over a wide range. We guarantee to have the lowest rates in Singapore. All our devices are pre-loaded with the most used in demand applications from app store.


Android Tab Rental

Renting a tablet is as easy as you may imagine when working with Tech for Rent. We have a large selection of android tablets from leading companies to facilitate your business meeting.


Other Device Rental

For professional meetings and events events, choose our high quality speakers, microphones, sound systems, projectors and many more. Browse our equipment rental options below.



Tech for Rent is my ultimate choice when it comes to renting out laptops and tablets for my lectures. Team teach for rent is a professional bunch of friendly guys who offered me custom solutions depending on the variety of my requirement. As a lecturer by profession I needed tailor made solutions for various audiences and Tech for Rent facilitates all of them.

Eunice Lim, Tutor/ Lecturer

Our organisation conducts tech meet ups for software engineers, software developers and technical consultants frequently and we have a varied demand every month depending on the scale of meet ups we organise. Well be it 10 or 100, tech for rent is whom we contact and everything is taken care of. From sound systems to iPads these guys have the best quality products at a very competitive rental rate

Muhammad Hafaz, Secretary - Singapore Tech Meet-ups

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